Donor Impact


Funds raised through Road Hockey to Conquer Cancer enable Future Care Now at The Princess Margaret. Future Care Now represents a commitment to deliver the very best treatments available today, while accelerating discovery of tomorrow’s breakthroughs through research at The Princess Margaret and across our global network of impact.

Funds raised are directed to four general areas (within the various cancer site groups):

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Diagnosing with more precision

  • Developing new equipment and procedures that determine the specific genetic mutations or changes that gave rise to a patient’s cancer.
  • Finding the right information to be able to recommend the optimal combination of drug and other therapies for successfully treating each patient.

Targeting treatment for each patient

  • Improving surgical, radiation and drug treatments will target only the cancer and leave healthy tissue alone, minimizing toxic side effects.
  • Our scientists and doctors are testing new treatments that can more effectively detect and eradicate cancer cells leading to more durable cures.

Detecting cancer earlier

  • Developing and testing better imaging equipment so small tumours can be seen more clearly.
  • Identifying unique ‘markers’ of cancers that can be detected in blood and serum tests.

Supporting patients and families throughout their cancer journey

  • Our award-winning survivorship, patient education and psychosocial support programs need to be expanded so that more patients can be empowered throughout their personal cancer journey.